01. When I was little, I used to enjoy riding my bicycle up and down the dirt [lane] behind our house with my friends.
02. While driving on the highway, we got stuck behind some idiot who was driving really slowly, but wouldn't get out of the passing [lane].
03. The coast of Washington State is a busy shipping [lane] for boats travelling throughout the Pacific Rim.
04. I got into a car accident when someone in the left-hand [lane] suddenly turned right in front of me.
05. Boston has added a number of new bicycle [lanes] to the principal commuting routes in the city.
06. At the swimming pool, they have set aside a [lane] which is only for people who can swim very quickly.
07. We spent the day walking down country [lanes] past all the old farms.
08. A sloth is the slowest moving animal on the planet, and at its top speed, would take 15 minutes to cross a four-[lane] road.
09. Don't park your car in the [lane] behind the house because my neighbor won't be able to get by.
10. Some guy kept changing [lanes] in front of me without signaling, and almost caused an accident.
11. Experts say that when you are riding a bicycle on a road that is narrow, cyclists should ride in the center of the [lane].
12. For centuries, foreign powers battled for control of the Dominican Republic's ports and sea [lanes].
13. Though far from international shipping [lanes], Croatia is one of the world's largest shipbuilders.
14. John Jenson once observed that the trouble with life in the fast [lane] is that you get to the other end in an awful hurry.
15. Research shows that continually changing [lanes] is dangerous and doesn't reduce driving time.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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